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Luxury Sussex retreat, Ashdown Car park Hotel & Place Club, is definitely delighted to announce the recent repairs of their dazzling Mary Towneley Lay.

Situated within Ashdown Park's an old chapel, all the recently renovated lounge is the ideal place in that will delegates can unwind and rest between conferences, brainstorm options as a large area as well as hosts a fabulous drinks wedding prior to a meeting held in the gorgeous Harry Clarke Place.

The refurbishment has brought inspiration from its use in 1920, once Ashdown Park would be a convent and the Mary Towneley Lounge was implemented by nuns as the place of profound contemplation.A lounge, that overlooks that magnificent japanese wing courtyard, boasts delegates some tranquil along with area by using direct access out to a private and scenic outdoor setting up. Facilities comprise and LED Television display, two coffee and tea service routes, with a selection of teas, specialty coffees and then a chilled refreshments cabinets.

What's a lot more, at the end of December a lift will be installed in all of the Mary Towneley Relax, which will enable motorised wheelchair accessibility to first floor, where lots of meetings not to mention weddings occur.

Ben Booker, General Manager on Ashdown Park Motel & County Tavern, commented:

\”Our original chapel is among the most most amazing event locations in Sussex. The particular fascinating back ground it supports is incredibly crucial for you to the hotel, that is why we got such health care when repairing the Linda Towneley Lounge.\”

For additional information regarding the John Towneley Lounge or function bedrooms at Ashdown Meadow Hotel, please call 01342 824988 and / or visit world wide